AMU appeals expelled student to return back to normal societal life

Published: January 11, 2018 at 9:33 pm

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Vplnews, Aligarh, January 11: Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) has appealed its expelled student, Mannan Bashir Wani to return back to normal societal life from the anti-national outfit, he has allegedly joined.

The university’s Department of Geology, AMU today conducted a meeting of faculty members, non-teaching staff and research scholars before making the appeal.

“The Department of Geology and the university stand by the nation and makes sincere appeal to Mannan Wani for his return to normal life as AMU always imparts feeling and sense of nationalism in its students and stakeholders. The university has always taken pride in being one of the premier institutions of the country actively involved in nation building,” stated a resolution passed by the department.

Meanwhile, the AMU Vice Chancellor, Professor Tariq Mansoor has asked the authorities of various halls-of-residences in the university to not allow entry of non-students and un-authorized persons.

“If an unauthorized person is found in a hostel accommodation, students residing in those rooms, wardens and provosts will be held accountable and stern actions will follow,” stated a university notice adding that residents of various halls-of-residences have to inform their wardens and provosts about the places they will be visiting and the reasons for travelling before leaving their halls to avoid disciplinary action.

“This is to ensure the safety and security of students,” further stated the notice.

The Vice Chancellor has also asked the wardens and provosts to make frequent rounds of their respective halls even in late hours. “Any activity that is unbecoming of a student and is against the laws of country will be dealt with severely. It is the joint responsibility of all, that a congenial and healthy environment is created and maintained in the campus,” said the AMU notice.

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